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Treating Your Dry Eye

Occasional dry eyes are a normal occurrence. Smoke, sun, wind, and other factors can cause occasional dry eyes, but if you notice your eyes feeling dry and scratchy frequently, you could have chronic dry eye, a condition that can be treated by your eye doctor. The eye doctors at Vision Institute, offer a wide range of vision services, including treatment of dry eye. They have two convenient locations in Colorado Springs, CO.

What You Need to Know About Dry Eye

There are many factors that can cause dry eye, including:

● Inadequate tear production
● Exposure to an allergen
● Spending time in an air-conditioned room
● Flying in an airplane
● Watching too much television
● Looking at a computer monitor for a long period

 When you suffer from dry eyes, you may experience these issues with your eyes:

● Redness and irritation
● Stinging or burning
● Mucus buildup
● Sensitivity to light and glare
● Problems driving at night
● Watery, tired eyes
● Blurred vision

 If you have dry eyes, you may be tempted to try out over-the-counter eye drops. These can work for mild, occasional dry eyes; however, you and your eyes can become dependent on them. A much better solution is to seek treatment from an expert, our eye doctor. Our eye doctor may recommend:

● Products to manage the underlying condition causing your dry eyes
● Products to improve the quality of your tears
● Products to keep tears from draining as quickly

 Specific medications our eye doctor may recommend include:

● Antibiotic medications to reduce eyelid inflammation
● Cyclosporine eyedrops to reduce inflammation of your corneas
● Hydroxypropyl cellulose eye inserts to release artificial tears
● Cholinergic medications to stimulate tears

 Our eye doctors may also recommend additional treatments for dry eyes, including:

● Plugging your tear ducts to keep you from losing tears
● Special contact lenses for dry eyes
● TempSure Radio Frequency
● Amniotic Membrane to increase the healing of the eye surface
● Nutritional supplements to build tear film

Treating Your Dry Eye

To find out more about dry eye treatment, call the eye doctors at Vision Institute, with two locations in Colorado Springs, CO. You can reach them by calling (719) 559-2020. Call today.

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