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Laser Cataract Surgery

Getting the most from cataract surgery

Dr. Anderson is now using the CATALYS laser system to make advanced laser cataract surgery available to patients in the Colorado Springs area.

The Catalys laser is one of the most widely used laser cataract systems in the world. It is one of the few laser cataract systems currently available in the state of Colorado.

Using this advanced femtosecond laser system, the most challenging steps in cataract surgery are performed with the precision of advanced laser technology. Incisions are made with image-guided software. This enables your eye surgeon to provide a blade-free and precise laser cataract surgery experience.
laser cataract surgery colorado springs

Laser Cataract Surgery Customized to your eyes

Your eyes are unique. Using Catalys cutting edge technology for cataract surgery allows us to customize cataract surgery specifically for your eyes. The system is capable of real-time scanning of the individual eye’s anatomy during surgery. Dr. Anderson, our Colorado Springs ophthalmologist, can then use the computerized interface to program the location and size of the laser application to best fit that particular eye.

After this customized design is complete, the computer-guided laser places spots exactly according to those parameters. Vision Institute is pleased to be one of the first ophthalmology practices in Colorado Springs to offer this technology to our patients.

The Catalys laser is a highly technologically advanced option for cataract patients. By applying a computer controlled laser to perform key steps of cataract surgery, the Catalys laser ensures the highest precision of surgical incisions with no need for use of a blade near the eye.

cataracts surgery colorado springs

“The LenSx laser makes all the incisions and pre-sections the lens from outside the eye. I have observed improved lens implant centration, less energy release inside the eye during surgery, less corneal endothelial cell loss from the surgery, less postoperative inflammation, and better incision impact resistance with the laser surgery compared to traditional cataract surgery done by hand.  The laser can also make very precise astigmatism-correcting incisions in the cornea.” – Dr Erik Anderson

If you are in need of cataract surgery, you may want to consider laser cataract surgery instead of traditional cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery Lens Options

Patients anticipating cataract surgery will also want to consider what type of lens implant they would prefer. Several options for monofocal or multifocal lens implants are available. Following laser cataract surgery, Dr. Anderson can use advanced intraocular lens implants (IOLs), which are carefully placed in the eye to improve postoperative vision.

Our staff and doctors will fully explain all of your options so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

The Vision Institute’s board-certified eye surgeon, Dr. Anderson, is a caring physician and experienced surgeon with outstanding credentials.

Are you interested in laser cataract surgery?

If you want the most advanced cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, then be sure to contact the Vision Institute office directly. Board certified eye surgeon, Dr. Anderson, is among the first certified laser cataract surgeons in the Pike’s Peak region.

You can learn more about laser cataract surgery, and find out if you qualify for this procedure, by calling our office to schedule an appointment with our Colorado Springs cataract surgeon.  Cataract surgery and LenSx treatment is not appropriate for everyone. You will need a full evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for eye surgery, and for laser cataract surgery in particular.

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