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Contact Lens Exams And Fittings

Contact Lenses Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, contact lenses are a very popular choice for patients.  Many patients spend a lot of time outdoors. Being free from the hassle and glare of eye glasses is a big advantage.

Other patients simply want the look of contact lenses instead of eye wear. They often feel more confident and happy when wearing their contact lenses.  Whatever your motivation, our doctors can help determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses.

For patients with thick glasses or strong prescriptions, contact lenses can be even more enjoyable. These patient are especially glad to be free of heavy glasses. They no longer have to deal with the distortion and reflection caused by thicker eyeglass lenses.

If you are interested in contact lenses, or currently wear contact lenses and need an updated prescription, the first step is to schedule a contact lens exam.

How is a contact lens exam different from a regular eye exam?

A contact lens exam is pain free and easy.  During this exam, our optometrists will evaluate your vision by measuring your eye focus and determine the refractive error.  In layman’s terms, the doctors will find out if you are nearsighted, farsighted, or if you have astigmatism or a combination of these conditions.

In addition to receiving an eye care check-up, extra measurements of your eye are taken during a contact lens exam. A corneal topographer provides the eye doctors with a map of your cornea.  They read the corneal curvature of your eye to make sure your contact lenses will fit properly. Additional conditions are also considered such as dry eye, allergies, lifestyle, and overall eye health.

Your tear film will be analyzed and the doctors will look closely at your eyelids and cornea.  They will recommend the best type of contact lens for you. They will advise you on popular options regarding replacement – such as daily wear, monthly wear contact lens or other types of contacts.

A contact lens exam can often be part of an eyeglass exam.  A contact lens exam includes an additional fee.  Please note that your vision plan may or may not cover this additional fee.

Ready, set, go with your new contacts!

The doctors at Vision Institute are experts at fitting difficult contact lenses.

If you have been unsuccessful at wearing contact lenses in the past, you should consider making an appointment with our doctors.

There are many different type of contact lenses available today and it is very important that the doctor prescribes the exact type that is best for you.  We offer all types of contacts for all ages including hard to fit cases with astigmatism and those in need of bifocals.  You can read about all the types of contact lenses available on our Contact Lens Guide page.

Buying your Contact Lenses

When your contact lens exam is complete, you will receive a prescription for contact lenses.  This prescription can be filled right in our office with or expertly trained contact lens specialists or you may fill it elsewhere if you wish.

Contact Lenses require a fitting process. As part of your contact lens fitting, you will need to have at least one, sometimes more, follow-up appointments.  It is very important to have your contact lens fitting properly to help minimize the chance of complications or health issues.

At Vision institute we receive compliments and testimonials daily about how successful our opticians are at helping patients with their contact lenses.  We teach you how to wear them, how to take care of them, and how to take them out properly.  All details are discussed fully.

If you want to read more about contact lenses and learn additional tips for wearing contact lenses, we recommend reading the American Optometric Association’s article on Recommendations for Contact Lens Wearers.

If you interested in wearing contact lenses for the first time, or if you are an experienced contact lens wearer, we feel confident you will enjoy our exceptional service and prices.  Call to schedule your contact lens exam today at Vision Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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