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Colorado Springs Best Eye Surgery Center - The Vision Institute

The Visions Institute is known for excellent care when it comes to yours eyes. Our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Erik Anderson uses the latest, state of the art vision surgery technology to ensure you receive the best vision care possible.

Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery

We use what is called the Alcon LenSx laser surgery to perform advanced cataracts surgical procedures. Image guided software makes this procedure highly effective in the fight against cataracts. Contact us today for more information about cataracts surgery.

Premium Lens Implants For Better Vision

Reduce the need for prescription eye glasses using lens implants after cataracts surgery. Many lens implant options to help you see better and lower your need for using eye glasses. Contact us today for more information about premium lens implants.

Glaucoma Laser Surgery

There are many options for the treatment of Glaucoma. Two options are Laser Surgery or Incisional Glaucoma Surgery. Our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Erik Anderson can discuss these options with you if you suffer from Glaucoma. Contact the Vision Institute to find out more.

Eyelid Surgery

The removal of excess skin do to eye irritations such as allergies and excess eye rubbing.

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